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USA Label: From The Depths Entertainment,  Mike Bohn |


USA Management: From The Depths Entertainment,  Mike Bohn |


USA Booking: From The Depths Entertainment,  Mike Bohn |


USA PR: Audio Science Mastering, Richard Stavin |

UK Label: The Forge Music Group LTD,  John Craig |

UK PR: The Forge Music Group LTD,  John Craig |

UK Booking: The Forge Music Group LTD  John Craig |



Origin:  Austin, TX


Genres:  Rock, Hard Rock

Years Active:  2018- Present

Band Members:  Vocals - Suzanne Birdie

                               Guitar - Sly Rye Whisky

                               Drums - Alex Romanov

                               Bass -  Kevin Kurts

Short Bio

The Metal Byrds is the brainchild of both Suzanne Birdie and Sly Rye Whisky. Both members were performing in other bands at the same time. On one lucky night thanks to a mutual friend, Suzanne sat in on guitarist Sly Rye's rehearsal with his band. He asked Suzanne to sing any song and she began singing Sweet Child O' Mine. They became fast friends that very night.

It wasn't long after that she actually joined his band and began performing with them.   However, as things go, the band was having line up issues and both Sly Rye and Suzanne decided they should create their own project together.  That is when The Metal Byrds were formed.


Working on songs in the months after paved the way for The Song Byrd EP, and later their second acclaimed EP, Byrds On A Wyre, which earned them a consideration for Best New Artist for the upcoming 63rd Annual Grammy Awards.  Every song is a testament to where they are at with their sound right now. 

Their third EP, Life In 20, which has even further refined their sound and writing ability, was a triumphant success in the world of Indie Rock.  Singles such as Dreamin and Tell Me, gave the band more notoriety on the world music platform, with offers from record labels like Curtain Call Records (US) and Bad Monkey Records (UK) 

Currently, the band just released their fourth studio album. Simply titled "4", five of the eight songs have gone to number 1 on several Indie Music Radio charts, with expectations of more chart topping singles from the record.


Listen to and buy The Metal Byrds on all media platforms, including BandCamp, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal, iHeartRadio and YouTube Music, as well as their YouTube artist page.



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