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The lastest album from The Metal Byrds, is a testament to the power of what good song writing and producing hook melodies can do.

The album "4" has already produced three #1 Indie Radio chart toppers, so far, as well as several top ten appearances, and constant rotation on US, Canadian, UK, European, and Asian radio stations, as well as other worldwide FM radio play. 

"The combination of Suzanne Birdie‘s enchanting voice and Sly Rye Whisky‘s fast fingers and unique tone results in rock and roll perfection. Kevin Kurts on bass and Alex Romanov on drums don’t get enough props for their amazing work." -Dave Wilks CGCM Radio Canada


Some of these songs have been featured on several Spotify playlists that have been very popular with the Indie Rock music crowd. 

The album order shows an attention to detail of a band committed to the whole listening experience. The production on the album is amazing. They are also constantly throwing curveballs. Thanks to producer and sound engineer Ray Roehrborn, The Metal Byrds "4" has established them as the classic rock band they are.

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The single, Little Lies, is a song inspired from Suzanne Birdie's real life loss of her father in early 2020.  The lyrics are a remembrance of the good times, looking back as a little girl, to the bed-time stories her father told her.  It's a song for anyone who has lost someone they love in these difficult passed years.

The upbeat tempo and powerful vocals make for The Metal Byrds emotional but soaring rock anthem.

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The third released single, from their album "4", has a deep message for anyone who will listen.  A song about addiction, and knowing when to stop, but only if you want to, has touched the hearts of many The Metal Byrds fans and critics alike.  "It's a song for when you understand more than the music, but understand the lyrics as well" says radio host Duane Lauder from Radical Radio Online.

Absolute was such fun to sing, that the band thought it deserved a music video to go along with it.  The band shot and edited their very first, self-produced music video, that you can check out on their artist page on YouTube.

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