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Review: Byrds On A Wyre EP by The Metal Byrds


Their musicianship efforts are as good as anyone I have heard on the independent music circuit so far in 2020. On that note, FORKSTER now shares with you all his June review on The Metal Byrds 2nd EP effort entitled “Byrds On A Wyre”, which recently released on June 8th, 2020 via Bandcamp.

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have. It is a real ‘blast’ to cover an EP where you are listening and enjoying it from the promotional reviewer perspective, but then during the repeat listens your ear rocking modules define you into a true fan of the EP and band, as well! The Metal Byrds “Byrds On A Wyre” most definitely will be found in FORKSTER’S top-five independent rock EP works for 2020, sizzling good rock & roll!


TRACK #1 : “Magik”

Stunning opener throttles out infectiously scrumptious riff flights, an infectious vocal spirit alongside ‘stomping/romping’ bass and drum rhythm mastery. It goes the distance, with emphatically blaring out a power-pop rock bounce intertwined with a bluesy, alternative rock sparkle. The perfect track to start it all off, first-rate tune!

“Love” of a new beginning venture together or an old memory shines bright anew centres around the beautiful lyrical message. FORKSTER feels that the message of ‘love’ is never overused, especially in these current hard-hitting global times and they truly wrote a gem that will connect with tons of rock romantics, for sure, quality track!

TRACK #2 : “Double Crossed”

Unquestionably, “Double Crossed” thunderbolts out of the music gates with ‘strutting and crushing’ riff actions that just had me in music amazement entirely, with snappy and edgy female vocals supremacy backboned by fantastic bass and drum voltage victories.

The song particularly channels out a wondrous diversity tempo change mixtures, where it mostly rockets an energetic hard rocking punk rock snarl and exceptionally pairs around a blues rock stomping stride, really good tune!

Track #3 : “Relentless”

“Relentless” is the track on the EP that FORKSTER has a bit of an extra soft spot for, where they brilliantly rock out an 1980’s power-pop/new wave vibe that is truly comparable to the incredible likes of the Go-Go’s, Blondie and Joan Jett & The Blackhearts. Just like that thrilling music era “Relentless” flows with a ‘soaring & roaring’ fun music motion honesty.

Musicianship wonders display blistering riff barrages, superbly scintillating female vocal skies that have sensationally handling rock n’ roll attitude along with gushing low-end stomp and muscular drilling drum drives, top tune!

TRACK #4 : “Dark Highway”

An electrifying, hard rocking, pop rock tune that highlights phenomenally scorching guitar wizardry, ‘pumping and thumping’ rhythm greatness alongside breathtaking female vocal intensity.

Lyrically, “Dark Highway” was created from a personal experience, where lots of motorists relating to ‘one time or another’ of having a long and grueling drive home on a motorway/highway and a rather strange occurrence haunts you for a bit. The Metal Byrds below explain further to the big influence in writing the song.

“When you are driving that long and that late at night, everyone sees something that is unbelievable, and you say to yourself, “did I really just see that?” I had one of those experiences recently, and when I got home, the words to this song just poured out of me. It came so naturally to me, and I just had to get this song out for the world to hear.”

Track #5 : “Machine Man”

“Machine Man” enthuses wonderfully with a high octane female vocal potency centralized around chilling hell-raising guitar pizazz. The music involvements also packs a huge hammering drum charge and heavenly thrusting low-end bass rumblings.

It ‘undoubtedly’ is the heaviest track on the EP and again shows the impressive and outstanding rock diversity from The Metal Byrds.

Also, fans like myself to legendary female rocker Pat Benatar music vibe should unequivocally respect this rocking righteous tune!

Track #6 : “Love N Money”

The closer, “Love N Money” consistently grooves out with a rhythm firmness of booming bass caverns and actively sailing stick man solidness. Again, you’ll hear the riff maestro ‘wailing’ out a wicked good solo along with the female vocals that are ‘without question’ uplifting my ear music modules into feeling a soulfully snappy music satisfaction.

As the EP started with a hunger for more, the finale leaves me with a conquering rock music justice that still is craving for more. Again, for 2020, FORKSTER hasn’t heard many independent rock band EPs better than The Metal Byrds “Byrds On A Wyre”. I highly recommend everyone who appreciates music that has a motoring effect at your ear stations to get this exceptionally talented band in your music soundscapes!

FORKSTER OVERALL RATING for The Metal Byrds “Byrds On A Wyre” EP : 9.98 out of 10.00!

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